I know it’s early but 8 of the top 16 teams by point percentage are from the Metro

Boston (US: / ˈ b ɔː s t ə n /, UK: / ˈ b ɒ s t ə n /), officially the City of Boston, is the capital and most populous city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States and 24th-most populous city in the country. The city proper covers 48.4 square miles (125 km 2) with a population of 675,647 in 2020, also making it the most populous city in New England. Michael Dwayne Vick (born June 26, 1980) is a former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 13 seasons, primarily with the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles.Regarded as having transformed the quarterback position with his rushing abilities, he was the first NFL quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards in a season and holds the quarterback ...

2021.10.25 23:12 grabthembythe I know it’s early but 8 of the top 16 teams by point percentage are from the Metro

T-1. Carolina (1.000) 5. Capitals (0.833) T-6. Penguins (0.800) T-9. Devils (0.750) 13. Blue Jackets (0.667) 14. Rangers (0.643) 15. Flyers (0.625) T-16. Islanders (0.583)
I hate it here
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2021.10.25 23:12 PmButtPics4ADrawing Patrick Bateman's Morning Routine

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2021.10.25 23:12 jacksparrahh Mildly anus?

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2021.10.25 23:12 hhater cats > dogs

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2021.10.25 23:12 zhouyiii___ Tapir

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2021.10.25 23:12 Itsbearsquirrel Halloween event has been incredible

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2021.10.25 23:12 Afkwtf Help with Harmony Bridge Transaction

Hi All! After a while of not checking my ONE balance in Harmony, I noticed that I was missing around 1300 ONEs which I recall bridging back from the BSC to the ONE chain around late August.
Long story short, after some digging I found the BSC transaction ID related to me using the bridge: 0x5d92f9fe2992add3a03866a0864194d6ba533e653a10516566b1132b0bbac62f
This transaction sees that one of my wallets interacted with a Contract, which I do believe is the Bridge's contract: 0xfd53b1b4af84d59b20bf2c20ca89a6beeaa2c628
Coins were sent to 0x0000..000 address as product of that interaction, but checking on my Harmony Wallet, no inbound transaction was seen.
Something that I found interesting around this is that checking the "Method" field in BSCscan, instead of getting a normal smart contract function name, I got Method ID: 0xa0e3d1a0 . Does anyone know what this is meant to be?
Are these coins gone, in limbo, or both?
Please let me know if this isn't the right forum to ask about this, I'm just looking for help :)
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2021.10.25 23:12 sounds_like_a_plan I don't know if this is allowed, but can we talk about what will be on the Liberty Township ballot this year?

I moved here after the election last year, and I'm still getting my bearings. I'm being inundated with names on flyers and billboards, and while I'm trying to research their stances, does anybody have any opinions they would like to share on the candidates or what we will be voting on this time? Any conversation is appreciated.
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2021.10.25 23:12 Soggy_Document_2613 Just Launched: 🧙‍♂️Warlock🧙‍♂️Bnb $WRLK

🔸What is Warlockbnb🔸
Warlockbnb is a gaming token built by gamers for gamers, in the future will be used as the classic “gem” you see in modern games. Our aim is to have a big variety of games on our platform and also on the most famous ones like PC, iOS, Android, Consoles; the tokens payments in the games will be in STABLE COIN as all the games on the market, there will be a swap (stablecoin to WRLK) directly in the background of the game, and all the $WRLK used during the gaming sessions will be 100% burnt.
Before the launch on our website will be released our first game based on $WRLK, called “MINE OR YOURS”, where you’ll be able to use your tokens to challenge other holders in a 1vs1 situation, you’ll decide how many tokens to bet in a series of 10 matches and the winner will get 90% of the wagered tokens whilst the remaining 10% will be burnt
🔸Join now in Warlock TG Group and become part of the project🔸
All the Warlocks will receive 8% rewards in BNB, just that, not others, not as a lot of new and upcoming tokens that gives you like 6/8/10 different tokens rewards, because there’s literally no need to do that, isn’t it better a big percentage in bnb then a small percentage in multiple tokens (that will stay there in your wallet for a lot of time before reaching a nice and solid number)? ; ⁃ These days we have in our hands the power and versatility of the binance token, which is rising year after year and it’s not going to stop, why not to benefit from it?
⁃ 8% Bnb Rewards
⁃ 5% Marketing
⁃ 5% Liquidity
⁃ 2% Burn
First Game Ready before launch 🔜
Soon Aggressive Marketing 🔜
🔸ARE THE DEVS DOXED? ⁃ The ceo will be doxed right before the launch.
🔸ANY PAST PROJECT? ⁃ The devs are all coming from 3 different projects, to put all their experience and knowledge together in our big and magical one.
What do you think? 🤔 I think you should not miss that chance to be one of the biggest Warlocks around 🧙🏿‍♂️
Contract: 0x7fffc986233aa1892fad59f3f452737949d3ded7
🚀Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x7fffc986233aa1892fad59f3f452737949d3ded7#readContract
🚀 LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xf251fa18e58cbacf8aa41add2761bd02c797a03d
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2021.10.25 23:12 VIRUS-AOTOXIN Inktober Day 26 A Close Shave

Inktober Day 26 A Close Shave
Inktober Day 26 A Close Shave
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2021.10.25 23:12 Jetorky Due to my research on the Victorian and Edwardian eras, I have found something unique about them that should be represented in-game.

During all other eras of history at that point, technology evolved at a snail's pace. However, by the Victorian era, technology evolved extremely fast for the first time in history, as we watched an exploitative Europe industrialize and completely change it's societies forever, and then, this change would spread through the whole world. The engine of this change? technologic advancement.
So, I think that the nations in Vicky should be able to research technologies and have these technologies make a difference in game play, for example, bettering production, tax efficiency, etc...
Thank you for reading.
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2021.10.25 23:12 Dangthing Does Flow Rate Fluctuation Matter?

In my recent rebuild of my Diluted Fuel Superstructure I've discovered that MK2 pipes seem to have fluctuations in the flow rate that do not occur if I use an MK1 pipe. IE an MK2 pipe moving 300 fluid per minute will have fluctuating flow rate while an MK1 pipe in EXACTLY the same configuration will never fluctuate.
Does this actually matter? Is the MK1 pipe somehow superior in this configuration? As experienced as I am with pipes I'm not certain about this one.
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2021.10.25 23:12 throwRAaway_save Reconciliation: is it possible? What is life like when it happens?

Good evening,
Below is something I copied from my post asking in Separation, but its not a very active sub. I just want some honest feedback on the subject of reconciliation, dealing with my emotions, and how best to proceed forward.
Original post:
Hey all,
Without going into too much details I'll sum up my story as:
I am a deployed soldier (doing a stateside mission, about 8 hours from home) and my wife has separated from me. She agreed not to start any processes (divorce) until I get back, but considers us separated. This news was obviously devastated, as I thought things were going well between us. But she said she was no longer happy and held angeresentment towards me.
I initially requested to go home when things went sideways. Then, things got worse for a time. She told me she did not want me home. And if I did come home, to stay in the spare room.
Part of our agreement we struck between ourselves & couples therapist was to work on reconciliation/problems in our marriage in the time before I get back, which will be in about 4 months now. Things have been going... surprisingly well, I'd consider. I've been struggling to keep myself together through this process and avoid directing anger towards her and have been working diligently on communication & problem solving that lead to this event. I think she has been responding positively to the improvements and has said as much.
But our talks are still very awkward (no jokes, conversation fluctuate between mundane pleasantries and tough conversations with no middle ground between the two). I struggle not to hold resentment towards her for bringing this up while I'm away from home & in a vulnerable position.
However, my question is... Where do we go from here? Those who have reconciled in the past, what was it like? Is reconciliation even possible? It seems like I never hear of success stories, and it bums me out. I don't want to lose my wife. I know its not up to me, but I'm a desperate man.
Some clarifying information: She said that I'm emotionally withdrawn, that she hasn't felt acknowledged or valued in the relationship. Some of the things she has said is completely valid (and I have told her so) such as being emotionally withdrawn, but other parts I think she has said purposefully just to hurt me. I've always valued her, loved, and respected her & her opinion. I've always said as much & always encouraged her to tell me if there has been anything wrong. I always thought we had a strong marriage.
She set no agreements to the separation. Didn't even tell me - it came up during a couples therapy session that we're separated. Both the therapist & I both asked for clarification, and she said she meant it exactly how it sounded.
I'm at a loss, honestly. I feel alone, away from home, with no one around me. In 4 months, I'll be going 'home' but do not know what I'll be walking into. We own a home together, no kids, just a dog. She originally said she wanted to separated, then divorce, but is now holding out until I get home. I do not want the house, I do not think I could stay in it if she wasn't there.
What should I even plan for? Our lives were so woven together, that my plans for the future had always included her.
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2021.10.25 23:12 Fancy_Ad8456 Trich in tubs.

I keep getting green mold in my shoeboxes, have been cleaning them out with alcohol and cleaning them well before adding substrate, just using the bucket tech with boiling water.
Usually I get about one flush and then have to toss it.
Do you think I should try oven pasteurizing the substrate?
Maybe bleach the tubs first if alcohol isn’t doing the trick?
I have even thought of using modified tubs so I don’t need to open them to fan.
Any tips are super appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.25 23:12 _dafucknutty Artsy shot from today’s ride

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2021.10.25 23:12 Demolicious1995 I drew a frog!

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2021.10.25 23:12 TheMixerTheMaster Anthrax - Only (1993)

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2021.10.25 23:12 WildEggsnft Hey Eggs and Egglets, we're launching an Eggciting new NFT colleggtion and it has only just begun! 10,000 to be eggcact... Come be a part of the Egg Hunt! Minting soon.... We welcome you to join our server for eggsclusive updates. Happy Hunting!

Hey Eggs and Egglets, we're launching an Eggciting new NFT colleggtion and it has only just begun! 10,000 to be eggcact... Come be a part of the Egg Hunt! Minting soon.... We welcome you to join our server for eggsclusive updates. Happy Hunting! Join the Community Here:https://discord.gg/UZPDbjH6
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2021.10.25 23:12 NicoDaRelatable HAAHAHHHAHHA. Relatble#19

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2021.10.25 23:12 ContentForager Cancelling Dave Chapelle (/r/netflix)

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2021.10.25 23:12 Just-Incident271 AMLO segundo lugar mundial en aprobación según Morning Consult, a que creen que se deba que su aprobación siga siendo muy alta???

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2021.10.25 23:12 Aftashock88 Favorite Dapp?!

What is your favorite DApp on the Harmony blockchain?
My favorite right now is Defi Kingdoms! Amazing team, the marketing team just finished their live AMA this morning on discord, amazing road map ahead, with all your favorite features in one as a gamified project!
Gaming, NFT, DEX, liquidity pools, all in one!
JEWEL is the native token, go peep the charts.
Even Taiki gives the project a full review, one of the best youtube yield farmers I follow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQjD1lXj87Y&t=10s
Enjoy everyone!
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2021.10.25 23:12 kommyaa Umm do y’all know something I don’t?

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2021.10.25 23:12 U23Art TB- Chapter 248 Webtoons- https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/to-be-an-ambiguous-recollection/list?title_no=214018

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2021.10.25 23:12 Bobeez Do whispering eggs respawn?

Doing the Expedition, and all the eggs were looted by the time I got there. If I wait, do they come back? Thx in adv.
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