Celebrating Christmas together [Art by Honey_Bunny]

2021.12.08 06:45 Saiyan256 Celebrating Christmas together [Art by Honey_Bunny]

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2021.12.08 06:45 HomocusPocus How would your significant other talk about you if you weren’t in the room?

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2021.12.08 06:45 nympharchist_95 Lobster has been banned from r/trans

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2021.12.08 06:45 ministerio_bot Talouspoliittinen ministerivaliokunta puolsi merituulivoimaa varten vuokrattavien yleisten vesialueiden huutokauppamallia

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2021.12.08 06:45 10XEngine Create The Worst To Create The Best

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2021.12.08 06:45 ChaleetoWei Relapsed after 5 months (again)

I don't know what it is about month 5 but everytime I try and stay sober I get to month 5 and completely collapse. I'm so spun right now I can't even figure out what to type here. I guess I could use some advice or some shit. I'm dumb I'm 22 have struggled with heroin addiction for 5 years I started meth last year because I used it to help combat opiate withdrawls. I would just get so fucking spun I couldn't move or feel my body. I've sent myself into 2 serotonin syndrome episodes last year but never went to the hospital for either episode I just laid in my exes bed and shook for a couple hours then pass out for 2 or 3 days. I smoke it or hotrail it I have a deviated septum from snorting it along with all the other drugs. I sent myself into psychosis after staying up for 16 days and I now have schizo-active disorder and insomnia not sure if these will be permenant but I've struggled with mental illness been institutionalized 5 times in my life all for suicide attempts. I'm not really sure what time trying to say here I'm really fucking high and I'm not okay.
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2021.12.08 06:45 bratva_boris47 Chloe hugging the plush

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2021.12.08 06:45 UnicornNippleFarts Define “ Bootlicker”

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2021.12.08 06:45 RequirementBest7191 High temp at idle help 🥲🥲

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2021.12.08 06:45 treasure-z *Giveaway* instructions in the first comment below (5)

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2021.12.08 06:45 Constantinotang Celtic VS Betis – Liga Europa

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2021.12.08 06:45 yedolym I cant sleep

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2021.12.08 06:45 Dull_Explanation1527 finaly, you don't have to suffer anymore my fellow men of culture (berserk fans)

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2021.12.08 06:45 jimmyrok9 5 goals in 11 league games, 2 goals and 4 assists in 5 Champions League games. Brazilian winger Antony has become one of the most dazzling pearls in Ajax.

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2021.12.08 06:45 OccasionAmbitious449 Hear Me Out, I Love This Game But..

I need to brace myself for the down votes lol. I've just started mt second playthrough and I love this game as much as I did the first time round. Just gonna be honest here, I think the game makes itself too complicated when it doesn't need to be.
Before you come for me hear me out lol. The mechanics that they added didn't really need to be there. For example you're going into a hot area, you must really think about what you're wearing, the position that you're in, are you on high ground or low ground, what time of day is it, what's the weather like, can you really make it past these 3 monsters
When in reality you can just wipe them out I'm 3 seconds with the right sword and shield. I think the only time you have to kinda think about it is boss battles and even then its more about timing and placements more than anything.
Like I said I LOVE this game I just think the unnecessary game mechanics are funny lol
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2021.12.08 06:45 DegenerateTotheCore [ Screenshot of two mooners] looking at another mooner

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2021.12.08 06:45 Loose-Contract4658 Tribing wife's girlfriends and anything else kik wotwot316

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2021.12.08 06:45 CuteCobra123 Instant withdrawal airdrop 😍

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2021.12.08 06:45 pleasedontfollowm3-5 Sandra Bullock

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2021.12.08 06:45 VintageGinger Band weaving is where it’s at

So there weren’t any AFE packing stations for me so manager took a handful of us and took us to robotics member where we start band weaving (replacing loose/broken bands on pods) and if you ever get that lucky consider yourself having a free shift to relax. When we are done with the first set of pods it takes at least the Robotics team member an hour maybe longer (depending on how fast they get the pods) to get a new set of pods. We just sit and wait till break or the next set of pods. Blessed shift if you get it!!
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2021.12.08 06:45 Cheap_District_9762 What causes you to have or are you wanting to end your life? Btw I will try to help you somewhat, psychologically of course. Gob bless you. Hope everyone fine.

Don't be afraid to share. Reddit is a good anonymous environment. If you are having negative emotions, vent them here. Keeping it a secret only makes matters worse.
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2021.12.08 06:45 Hefty_Vermicelli_172 Ethan & Hila need to react to Real Housewives of New York S13E1. It involves converting to Judaism because “I’m attracted to the challenge, I’m attracted to all the rules”, putting masks straight onto New York park benches and 2 housewives discussing shitting at a date’s house in moderate detail

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2021.12.08 06:45 TacaPaka 😈‼ Nafty family, we have some important news ‼ 😈 Read below all the info 👇 Let's get Nafty! 😈🚀🚀

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2021.12.08 06:45 ministerio_bot Suomen ja Ruotsin pääministerit tapasivat Helsingissä

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2021.12.08 06:45 incredibleinkpen My wife is off work today after an accident with our cheese grater.

Well, I made her tell them it was an accident.
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