Scream TV series' personal review. Part 1: Presentation

2021.12.08 06:04 BlackJack720 Scream TV series' personal review. Part 1: Presentation

Well, I gotta be honest, I'm not quite sure where to start. I'm BlackJack720 and I've been a Scream fan since I'm 14 but I've been serious about it this last year. During this time, specifically this Halloween, I decided to give the Tv series a chance. After finishing season 2 and realising I wanted to talk about my opinions with someone I thought about publsihing a personal review on this sub. This will be a long post and won't be the last as you can see in the title. This post is mainly to introduce myself, my idea and the series itself. I hope this post calls some atenttion and you end up liking these posts.
Disclaim: I gotta clarify I'm not a professional critic or anything like it, I'm just an 18 y/o who likes to analize too much what I watch. Also, this one will be spoiler free but next ones may not. Hope you like it.
So, Scream Tv series. This show was a shot from showrunner Jill Blotevogel, Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie to adapt our beloved Scream to a show produced for Netflix. This series' first season debuted on June 30 2015 and had some mix reviews, specifically about the new design and some acting. But, the thing is, what is this about?
I'm sure you all already know it but I'll explain it anyway. We're on Lakewood, a little town from the USA that has kind of a rocky history about slashers and mass murderers after being terrorized by Brandon James, a kid who was bullied because of his deformity, snapped and killed 5 people on Halloween 1994. Some years later, the town's dealing with another form of bullying and social murder after a video featuring two girls from George Washing High School getting intimate with each other gets published by some bullies. This event will be the trigger to a new series of a attacks from a masked killer who's really interested on some particular people from the town.
Now, something that's important to mention is the fact that the show has had 3 seasons so far with only the first two following the story I just mentioned and the third one being a reboot of the concept. Anyway, because the argument I just told you is the main one covered, I will talk about season 3's storyline when I talk about the season.
Our lovely cast for these two main seasons are a controverted topic on this fanbase, with lots of people loving them and lots of people really hating the cast. I will give my opinions on everyone when the time comes but lets make a general review of the main characters:

She will be the main or one of the main targets of our killer and it's the protagonist. Emma is a 17 y/o student when we start the series whose life is relatively normal until our lovely masked menace decides it's time to put an end to it. She's presented to us as this "princess" archetype on some sort of way with that innocent and kind personality and being, at least in appearence, the best one morally speaking from the group althougt it may or may not be true.

We'll learn pretty early on in the series she's Emma's former best friend and currently best friends with Noah. She's presented as this tough girl who doesn't seem too faced about anything at the start besides the fact she's being targeted by cyberbullying, being one of the girls on the video from the incident. She'll prove to be a really impulsive but supportive person, also being really protective with those she cares about.

Noah is the horror and murder geek from the group. He loves horror movies and true crime and it's one of the most informed persons about Brandon James in the group. He's kind of a Randy character if you want comparisions, being the responsible on both seasons to stablish the rules and provide the most references. He's best friends with Audrey and, at the beginning, he has kind of a rocky relationship with everyone else. He's a really gentle guy who can be kinda quirky some times and boy does he have bad luck with relationships. I'd say he's a fan fave but I wouldn't dare to assume.

Now, if Emma was our princess, Brooke is our rich girl. She's Emma's current best friend and the daughter of the town's mayor. Althoug fulfilling the rich girl archetype, Brooke manages to stand away at least a bit from being a stereotype during the series and will become a really interesting character if you can pass her first appearences where she can be a little hard to stand, specially if you don't like what I like to call an "Emma Roberts character"

So, Jake is kind of the bully during the firt episodes from the show. He has some issues with Noah, specifically and it's best friends with Emma's boyfriend, Will. Jake doesn't really have a lot of development during the show. He's really close to Brooke and they have kind of a crush relationship but there's not much more besides that in my opinion.

Kieran is the new guy in the town who's here to live with his biological father. He will be the main love interest with our protagonist during most of the show. He, as everyone else, starts following his archetype as the new person on the town, being kinda misterious and a tough guy. However, he has some really interesting development during the show and I ended up liking a lot his character, although I do think he's kinda boring during a lot of the series.
The show can have some pace issues sometimes and can have some difficulties with its subplots and some of its relantionships between the characters can feel kinda forced most of the times, specially during season 1 but the show's characters are able to become likable and the story, even though it can be a little convoluted sometimes, makes it for the flaws it has.
Another thing that became really controversial about this show it's the killer's mask. Being honest, I didn't like it either at the start. I thought it looked really ugly rather that scary. Besides that, I believe the first season didn't help to make it any better. The killer during season 1 wasn't honestly that scary and became a bit boring some scenes. Nevertheless, season 2 made this quite better and the killer got a lot of action scenes that actually made him look menacing so the mask ended up growing on me.
In conclusion, I really like this series and the proposal it made for the franchise. I think this entry it's worth watching and I'm really excited about talking deeper about every season.
I hope ya'll liked this review and presentation for this project I have. I'm pretty excited to keep this series going and I'd love to know some of you like these too. Hope you have a great life and I'd like to know your opinions. Have a good night and remember. Everybody's a suspect.
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I mean is there anything that suggests droids in Star wars universe can't just power down and be revived later?
I imagine they probably need to be some maintenance,
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I (27f) think have the worst luck in love. I’ve only had two serious relationships my whole life. My first started at 16, he was 21. I moved in with him and we had two kids. At the time I didn’t know he was a drug addict but after almost a year of living together I found out and had to endure everything that came along with it. I was disrespected and abused in many ways but after almost 6 years I had enough and decided to leave. Here I rekindled with a HS classmate and we had a FWB relationship going. From the get go he told me he didn’t want a relationship and I was fine with it until I caught feelings. When I told him he started giving mixed signals, just playing with my mind and emotions. He had other females he was messing around with aside from me that I became aware of with time. A rollercoaster ride for three years until I became pregnant after taking a plan b. He brought up the topic of abortion which I was against. A month later we decided to try and make things work. Throughout this time he constantly told me how I wasn’t what he wanted in his life. He didn’t want a single mom to be his wife. But he stuck around. Playing with my heart and I let him. We move in together while I’m halfway through the pregnancy. He constantly brought up how much of a baggage I was with kids. How replaceable I was and insignificant. A year later he tells me we should get married for religious reasons. Not for love. Stupidly in love, I agree. Now two years later after all the invalidation, gaslighting, and belittlement, I finally am emotionally detached from him. The comfort keeps me from leaving. My kids now love him and he treats them with love as well. He thinks we’re doing better than ever but he doesn’t understand that I’m not talking to him about what I think or feel because I’m done trying to make him understand . I want to leave but I’m afraid of the pain I will bring my kids and it’s long term effects. I don’t want them to go through what I did. But I’m not happy. I know he has love for me, but I know he’s not in love with me. I just wish I would’ve left before I got in this situation.
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I have an Elven Branched Spear wielding Dex based Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor named Ahruzukal.
I was trying to make a weapon attack macro that would let me apply applicable buffs when needed. This is what I have arrived at:
@{Ahruzukal|whispertype} &{template:pc} {{name=Elven Branched Spear}} {{type=attackdamage}} {{showchar=@{Ahruzukal|rollshowchar}}} {{charname=@{Ahruzukal|character_name}}} {{nonlethal=[[1[Nonlethal]]]}} {{attack=1}}{{range=10 feet}}{{roll=[[1d20cs>20 -?{Power Attack To Hit Penalty|Yes, 1[Power Attack]|No, 0} +?{Divine Favor|Yes, 2[Divine Favor]|No, 0}+?{Studied Target|Yes, 1[Studied Target]|No, 0}+?{Attack of Opportunity|Yes, 2[Attack of Opportunity]|No, 0}+ 7[Melee] + 0[Ability] + 0[MOD] + 0[TEMP] + (@{Ahruzukal|attack_condition})[CONDITION] + @{Ahruzukal|rollmod_attack}[QUERY] ]]}} {{critconfirm=[[1d20cs20 + 7[Melee] + 0[Ability] + 0[MOD] + 0[TEMP] + (@{Ahruzukal|attack_condition})[CONDITION] + @{Ahruzukal|rollmod_attack}[QUERY] + @{Ahruzukal|critconfirm_bonus}[CRIT CONFIRM BONUS] ]]}}{{atkvs=(Melee vs AC)}}{{shownotes=[[1]]}}{{notes=}}{{damage=1}} {{dmg1flag=1}} {{dmg1=[[1d8+0[Ability] + 0[MOD] + 0[TEMP] +?{Divine Favor|Yes, 2[Divine Favor]|No, 0}+?{Studied Target?|Yes,1[Studied Target]|No, 0}+ ?{Power Attack Damage?|Yes,3[Power Attack]|No, 0} + @{Ahruzukal|rollmod_damage}[QUERY]]]}}{{dmg1type=Piercing}}{{dmg1crit=[[((1d8+1d8+1d8) + (0[Ability] + 0[MOD] + 0[TEMP] + @{Ahruzukal|rollmod_damage}[QUERY]) * 3)]]}} {{conditionsflag=[[@{Ahruzukal|attack_condition}]]}} {{conditions=@{Ahruzukal|conditions_display}}} {{conditionsnote= @{Ahruzukal|attack_condition_note}@{Ahruzukal|damage_condition_note}}}

But in its current form, I have to answer the question if a buff is active twice, once for to hit and once for damage. As you will see with power attack, studied target and divine favor. Is there a way to get these to work with a single prompt each? or even better make them a toggle?

thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
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Flaired for Advice because I need it - may also have triggering content since I am inquiring about surgery/medical and this may be distressing for anyone unable to get it at the moment.
Hey everyone, Madds here! I've been on HrT for a year now and I am finally ready to move onto the GRS hunt.
I've done some preliminary research over the last year on different doctors and stuff but I've hit a snag: I have no idea what company I should get a plan with.
I qualify for a tax credit due to my income. I am a Texas resident. Open Enrollment ends on the 15th - I need to find a plan that will cover surgery (and ideally hair removal associated with that surgery), and have a good surgeon in network as well.
The recommendations I really could use right now are: 1) Surgeons that would be in network w/ a Texas plan, possibly even if those surgeons are out of state. 2) Companies with plan policies that are trans affirming/friendly/etc. 3) Any recommendations/advice you can possibly offer me and any future readers on this subject.
I'm stupid and waited too long now I need to hurry and pick a plan, please help ;-;
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