Any cases of the bits straight up making up subreddits?

2021.12.08 06:10 Schwambrania Any cases of the bits straight up making up subreddits?

Recently there was saltydebbie, someone mentioned a post with a lot of "fuck you" subreddits. Anyone knows other memorable cases of this?
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2021.12.08 06:10 TheCitidel2022 MasterChef: The Professionals S14E17

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2021.12.08 06:10 gaalsiencarrier [PC] [2010s] A tetris game where clearing a line would make the board wider

You could never actually clear any lines and you could make the board absurdly wide, losing would actually make the board taller aswell but it would eventually end when the board was very very tall with the sound of wind whooshing and a white fade out.
The game actually had a message about how life's mistakes build up and never disappear but that's dumb and I made giant tetris block fortresses in that game.
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2021.12.08 06:10 nicoroy2561 A new pic

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2021.12.08 06:10 GabuFGC Reapers Shadow of Death & Whorl of Death are clunky & unnecessary and I think should be reworked or just removed.

For those who don't know, Shadow of Death and Whorl of Death are Single Target and AoE abilities respectively that Reapers have that Apply a Debuff to your enemies that increases the damage Reapers do to affected targets by 10% and when targets die while the Debuff is active, the Reaper gains 10 Soul Gauge. This is a debuff that you need to try to keep active on your targets at all times.
Personally I think abilities that apply Buffs, Debuffs, DoT's, that you have to maintain are a very fun and interesting part of job rotations that help certain jobs feel unique. So what's the issue with SoD and WoD? They just don't feel good to press. They remind me of the old Heavy thrust ability that Dragoons used to have but Heavy Thrust was removed in Shadowbringers and had its 10% damage buff merged with Disembowel instead, and rightfully so because Heavy Thrust felt bad to press too. SoD and WoD have great animations but they don't hit hard and always feel like your wasting a GCD that could be used on your combo or any other skill really.
There are a couple ideas I had for these abilities. The easiest option is that you could just cake the Debuff into their combos, but this would be kind of boring and you'd also lose out of their animations and that would suck. Alternatively they could buff the damage of both skills and make them into alternate combo enders. SoD could be used like the Warriors Storm's Eye, and WoD could work similarly to the Samurai AoE where you cycle between the Oka and Mangetsu after each Fuga. Another option would be for them give these skills a CD and make them OGCD, This would make them feel so much better to press but being an OGCD could end up getting in the way of their other OGCD skills.
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2021.12.08 06:10 crobbins2000 Need a referral code to log into Pi Network? I am a 24/7 miner and am also running the test node, so I will be a reliable miner that will maximize your Pi earning rate! :) Code: CROBBINS2000 Thanks!

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2021.12.08 06:10 IckyIka Does anyone watch on Shudder on Amazon and if so do you have any idea when it comes out?!

We used to just watch on Shudder so we expected it to be out yesterday but it's still not there.
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2021.12.08 06:09 Bxrrysosho This is how I know who the real ones are 😂😂

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2021.12.08 06:09 TroxoBR weird track

i was playing the the silence side quest, where you need to take that thing to a pillow to win, i failed becasue i was trying to capture the leader but i screwed up and i failed but a strange track i never heard before played. i played the game since lauch and i never heard that track before
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2021.12.08 06:09 Rayplayz2022 Learn Crypto Currency Today

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2021.12.08 06:09 Ninamarth GKs Comparison Charts December 2021 (Bond & Debuff)

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2021.12.08 06:09 circusstrongman Middle-Class Drug Users Face Waitrose Ban Following Johnson Crackdown

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2021.12.08 06:09 kkingfisherr Consumer spend reached $133 million on app stores in 2021

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2021.12.08 06:09 Occultivated Which headphones are the best for max loudness, without compromising bass?

So Ive been using Turtle Beach headsets for quite a few years now. Not by choice per se, I get them free cuz my brother works for them lol. They have been ok, but the last headset he got me (Stealth 600 Gen 2) is severely lacking in the volume department. It even has a feature for "super human hearing" or whatever its called, and basically boosts the volume where I think it should be to begin with - but when it does this its all treble, zero bass.

So I asked him whats up with getting the volume higher since I didnt see a boost option in the headsets PC app. He told me that even though the volume is low, the xbox has a limit to how loud headphones can be. I can understand that but theres no way the limit is the max loudness setting of these headphones.

I was wondering if anyone who has used these headphones (or any low volume shitty headphones on xbox) and moved onto better ones, if they can give me some recommendations for headphones that can be quite loud WITHOUT sacrificing bass. I LOVE my bass.

Thanks in advance :)
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2021.12.08 06:09 Pree09 13th month payment in Germany

I got a job offer from a company in Germany which has the term 13th month salary in the contract. I would receive it all together at the end of November every year.
So, suppose if my gross salary is 3500€ per month which is 45000€ per year, with the 13th month’s salary it becomes 45000+3500 = 48500€.
So, for 11 months my net salary is 2273€. But in November, I would receive 2273*2 = 4546€. Do I need to pay additional tax for the month of November? Or would I be getting the entire 4546€ in November as net salary?
Thank you for your help.
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2021.12.08 06:09 ZQ04 Is it possible to get a job in software engineering without a degree?

I love learning and I love programming but I kind of screwed myself over by not focussing in school and it doesn’t look like I’m getting into computer science (I’m in grade 12 right now). The question is simple — is it even possible to get a well paying job without a degree?
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2021.12.08 06:09 -UKJim- Is this a steal? I never win at bidding I think I'm happy.

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2021.12.08 06:09 RussianAstronautDog Why do people like Sam Harris believe that the radical left has much more mainstream support than radical right in the US, when there hasn't been any candidates supported by further-than-centre left winning an important seat in decades (at least)?

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2021.12.08 06:09 Tight-Philosophy-697 How does good progress over the first 6 month does it get or worse the first 6 months?

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2021.12.08 06:09 Wowgg_1 I don't like Mizkif but damn.. Lamonting

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2021.12.08 06:09 NoRookieMistakes Ritalin vs Adderall comparison

Instant release/short release comparison between methylphenidate (aka Ritalin) vs dexamphetamine (aka dextroamphetamine, Adderall, Dexedrine, Amfexa)
Dexamphetamine lasts about 1-2 hour longer.
Dexamphetamine is slightly more likely to work in improving ADHD symptoms.
Dexamphetamine has a higher abuse rate compared to Ritalin.
During drug tests for amphetamines like by the police when you're on the road, dexamphetamine will get detected while Ritalin wont.
In (higher dosages) dexamphetamine is more neurotoxic than Ritalin.
Ritalin is more like the old school drug in treating ADHD compared to dexamphetamine.
Dexamphetamine is a dopamine/norepinephrine/serotonin releasing drug (possibly also reuptake inhibition but not sure), while Ritalin is dopamine/norepinephrine/serotonin reuptake inhibitor drug.
Generally, you will need 2x higher dosage of Ritalin to get similar effects of dexamphetamine. For example 10mg Ritalin can give you similar stimulating effects as 5mg dexamphetamine.
My hypothesis is Ritalin has a slightly bigger effect on norepinephrine and dexamphetamine has a slightly bigger effect on dopamine. This is due to me getting higher heart rate and muscle tension on Ritalin compared to dexamphetamine.
I have noticed that people who suffer from anxiety do often respond better to dexamphetamine compared to Ritalin. Maybe my hypothesis about norepinephrine (aka noradrenaline) mentioned above might be true.
Many points I mentioned can be different for each individual, it's just a generalization, which is why it can be worth to try out both substances if you need it.
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2021.12.08 06:09 UnmarkedVanilla Ser Godfrey - Sword and Board Troll LARPer
Sum to 10 priority.
A - Attributes A - Metatype D- Magic (Adept) D - Resources E - Skills
Played by DaveWithAnAve#1845
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2021.12.08 06:09 tyrek12345 Go ahead and price me up

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2021.12.08 06:09 plumb88 I'm failing in college and also socially, and I don’t know what to do

I'm in my senior year of college about to fail my major. I avoided going to classes by staying up too late and sleeping over, and only went to a couple classes to tell myself that I was doing something. In reality, I was completely ignoring half my school work. And now that it's a certainty I've failed already, I've avoided social interaction with all my roomates to avoid them asking about my classes. If they asked I would lie suspiciously. When I see them, I act weirdly and avoid the obvious fact that I haven't talked to them in a week, when we live together. I spend all my time in front of a computer or phone avoiding my social and student obligations. I'm self isolated because I'm socially awkward, and I don't know what to do. I worry there's no other explanation for the fact that I've failed so many classes (6+) without being mentally ill in some way. In all my college time, I never applied to a internship because I avoided thinking about it and feared doing it. I've never accomplished anything so I feel worthless and lost in life
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2021.12.08 06:09 depy45631 Dragon Token 🔥 - DragonSwap Beta Released, NFT Card Collection Revealed, 8 BNB Raised within 48 hours - Dragon's Taking off

Sale is live on Bifrost launchpad.
Soft Cap: 25 BNB (8BNB Raised already) Hard Cap: 50 BNB
70% Liquidity, 365 lock period.

Tokenomics 🐲
- 1 Quadrillion total supply
- 70% Presale with 365 Days Locked Liquidity as soon as launched
- 15% in Developer Wallet
- Automatic 3% burn for every sell, 6% distributed towards reflection and auto-liquidity
- Reflections
How to buy DRAGON?
The presale is live on Bifrost.
(Use Metamask to connect your wallet to participate in the presale)
We do not have much to shill, but we can tell you one thing - with a great community we developers have all the will and skill to build some of the most amazing DeFi products yet. Join forces with $DRAGON!
Amazing community and amazing devs.
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